Keith is power lifting champion known for his incredible strength. Up for a challenge? Try some of Keith’s grueling workouts and follow his nutritional plan #TeamDragon



Meal 1

Little Dragon Intense Energy (shot)                                                            1.0

Large Free Range Eggs (Number of eggs)                                                 2.0

Rump/Round steak trimmed (grams)                                                         150.00

Coconut oil (grams)                                                                                    10.0

Controlled labs – Oximega fish oil (capsules)                                             4.0

Anabolic Designs Grazed (Servings)                                                          1.0


Meal 2

Turkey/Chicken Fillet (grams)                                                                     150.0

Coconut oil                                                                                                 10.0

Meridian Almond or cashew butter (grams)                                                20.0

Green Veg (cups)      1.0


Meal 3

Little Dragon Extreme Pre Workout (shot)                                                 1.0

Matador Muscle Premium Whey (grams)                                                  30.0

Oats (grams uncooked)                                                                             65.0

Meridian Cashew butter (grams)                                                               10.0

Anabolic Designs Matador (capsules)                                                       1.0


Intra Workout

Matador 8:1:1 (grams)                                                                              15.0

Cyclic Dextrin (grams)                                                                              100.00

Gluatnamine (grams)                                                                                15.0

Creatine (grams)                                                                                       10.0


Meal 4

Little Dragon 30g Protein water (bottle)                                                   1.0

Matador Muscle Premium Whey (grams)                                                 30.0

Coco Pops (grams)                                                                                  110.0

Alpro Almond Milk (mls)                                                                           200.0

Anabolic designs Matador (capsules)                                                      2.0


Meal 5

Little Dragon 24g Protein (shot)                                                               1.0

Matador Muscle Premium Whey (grams)                                                30.0

Greek Yoghurt (grams)                                                                            200.00

Meridian Almond or cashew butter (grams)                                            20.0


Meal 6

Chicken fillet (grams)                                                                             150.0

Coconut oil (grams)                                                                               10.0

Green Veg (cups)                                                                                   1.0




Reverse leg curls

15x 3

15×2 plus ISO tension for 5 end of each set



5sets of 10

1 challenge set… Usually kilo for Reps

(60kg for 60reps)


Stiff leg deadlift- DB or Bar (depends on my mood)

4sets of 12


One footed leg press:

20reps per leg



Leg extensions:

4sets of 20

1set until failure


Split squats:

12 per leg and 3 sets



Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

2warm up sets- 4 sets of 12 and last set to absolute failure


Side lateral raises:

3 sets of 15

Drop the weight and 3 more sets 50-40-30


Upright rows:

3 sets with no rep limit. Timed for 60sec. Keep going until time is up


Reverse dumbbell flys:

5 sets of 30reps with 30secs rest in between each set




Warm up with cable pulls – 15 per arm x 4sets

Rope pull downs -3sets x 20reps

Skull crushers or overhead DB extensions- 3sets of 12reps

Dips- 3sets to absolute failure each time


Standing DB curl- 5sets 15 reps each side

Seated Hanmer curl- 5sets 12reps each side

Ez bar curl 21’s- 7reps pause then 7 more then pause then 7 slow reps. Repeat 5 times

Preacher curl DB- 3sets slow pace with 15 reps and long contractions at the top of the curl each time.



Chest workout:

Bench Press- 2 warm up sets (Olympic bar only) 3working sets- choose weight you fail at 12reps


Incline Dumbbell Press- 3 working sets

Aim to fail at 12-15 reps with slow negative portions of each rep.


Decline Dumbbell Flys- 3working sets

Rep range is 10-12 with 3sec pauses at the stretch part of the rep


Smith machine push up ladders- 3 rounds Put the smith machine on a low rung do 15 push ups, move it 2 rungs higher and do 15 reps and then one rung higher and aim for 15. Repeat three times




Work up in 10-8-6reps per set and then my max triple x 3


Bent over rows with rest pause

10reps- stand fully up- 3 Reps – SFU- 2reos Repeat for 4 sets


Dumbbell rows:

4sets of 10


Meadows rows (row variation)

4sets of 12/15


Lat pull downs: (1& a quarter reps)

12 full extension reps with 12 quarters midway through x 3 sets


Wide grip pull ups to failure

(Just slightly over shoulder width apart)



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